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What's this then, another hair recolour? Well, I'll be damned.

These have actually been hanging out on my desktop for a while, staring me in the face since Spring Break where I was drugged up on Claritin. I had planned on posting them back then, and I even had some kind of witty title, but...enough of the jabbering, I'll get right to the point. This is a recolour of Raon's F77 Mesh, which was kindly converted for Males by Yuxi (thank you, Yuxi! <3). I immediately nabbed it up and decided to do some recolouring. The colours are your standard ROYGBV. Time for some picspam!

There are 15 recolours in all. Aside from the colours posted, there are versions where only the bang is recoloured. There's also a sickeningly neon blue colour, and a neon green // blue combination. They're not binned, being unnatural, and only work for adult male as far as I can remember. (Maybe work for elder, I'm not sure. Old men with neon ponytails? Priceless.)
Credits: Original hair by Raonsims. Clothes, eyes, makeup, etc. by Aikea Guinea, Shady, ShojoAngel, July77, Rensim, Sizz, Bruno, Helaene, +others <3
Models (in order ROYGBV): Valireon, Jean Andre, Kyoji, Twizzy, and my simself. Valireon, Jean Andre and Twizzy possibly will be uploaded soon. :D
You'll need to download the mesh by Yuxi >>>
Shoot me a message if anything goes wrong. You'll have to follow Yuxi's TOU when it comes to distribution; please don't upload recolours elsewhere as your own. You may include in stories and sims.
Thank you, and enjoy! <3
Recolours in .RAR format >>>

Edit: I've fixed the links and removed the unaccepted formatting, so please try to redownload if it didn't work previously. c: 
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I've recoloured Peggy's male mesh, no. 04434.

You can view screenshots and alternate information at the original GoS post.

This hair works for male only, and all ages except Elder. The mesh is included in the .RAR.
However, if the mesh doesn't work, the original download link is included in the GoS post.

You may share with Sims, use in stories and screenshots, do whatever;
please do not claim on your own. Do not upload to the Exchange, or to any pay site.

You may also download the package here.


xoxo Monssieur Cherry



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